HEAL-Me: Home-based eHealth (Exercise and Nutrition) in Cirrhosis

For patients with end-stage disease, like cirrhosis, their only treatment option is life-saving organ transplantation. The wait for an organ can take many years over which the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate as there is no other treatment. However, maintaining physical activity and a good nutritional intake is necessary to remain on the wait and have successful health outcomes post-transplantation. For many patients, this situation is challenging to balance.
Driven by our patient experiences and limitations of pre-transplant care, we are using e-health to create an accessible, home-based, interactive app. With attention to the nuances of gender and diversity in the Canadian population, our two-year research will identify motivational behavior predictors. These will be incorporated into a hybrid app/web-based platform, HEAL-Me, intended for patients with and without hepatic encephalopathy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Puneeta Tandon


Kathleen Ismond


Lupin Pharma Canada




Medical devices




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