Health equity, road safety and the built environment (BE): Examining barriers and facilitators to BE change decision-making, the impact of Vision Zero, and COVID-19

The goal of this proposed project is to increase the safety of vulnerable road users (pedestrians & cyclists) by examining factors that help or hinder the process of making changes to the built environment (BE) for this purpose. By examining data collected from municipal, transportation, police services, public health, NGOs, and schoolboard sectors in the Cities of Calgary and Toronto the deliverables of this project aim to inform policy and decision-makers so that more resources and tools are allocated to BE changes that increase vulnerable road user safety. This project will also specifically focus on factors relating to the Vision Zero road safety plan and COVID-19. The partnership with Parachute, Canada’s leading injury prevention organization, is paramount to the analysis and development of deliverables for this project as they have a breadth of expertise and legacy of meaningful contributions to injury prevention strategies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alison McPherson


Emily McCullogh






Health care and social assistance


York University



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