Heat exposure limits for older workers in deep mechanized mining

We are conducting this study to determine to what extent air velocity affect sweating, skin blood flow and changes in core temperature in older workers during exercise performed in the heat (i.e., 30°C and 60% RH). Responses of older adults (55-65 years) will be compared to a younger group (20-25 years). Participants will perform four 15-min bouts of semi-recumbent cycling at a constant rate of heat production o f 400 W. Each exercise bout will be separated by 15-min of rest with the exception of the final recovery (recovery 4) which will be 60-min in duration. The participants will be required to perform the intermittent exercise protocol while exposed to three different air velocities: 1) 0. 5 m•sec-1, 2) 1.5 m•sec-1, and 3) 3.0 m•sec-1 representative of the range of air velocities used in the deep mine work environment. This research will provide important information for the development of age-specific heat stress exposure limits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Glen P. Kenny


Jill Stapleton


Vale Ltd.




Mining and quarrying


University of Ottawa



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