HeliCat Canada Indigenous Relations Strategic Engagement Plan

In today’s landscape, it is important for businesses to acknowledge the complex histories of the land on which they operate and engage with truth and reconciliation within their policies and practices. The goal of this project is to support Helicat Canada (HCC) with its reconciliation efforts with local Indigenous Peoples by developing a strategic engagement plan to support mutually beneficial relations between HCC and its members and Indigenous Peoples. Our project will develop specific metrics for monitoring sector involvement with Indigenous Peoples – HCC initiatives, such as training, employment, and procurement to establish baseline and drive progress. In addition, this will offer ways for HCC to integrate social risk and opportunity, human rights, and the rights of Indigenous Peoples into how they do business, as well as through their individual actions and behaviours.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andréanne Doyon;Clifford Atleo;Pascal Haegeli


Tyla Crowe;Maureen Nadeau


HeliCat Canada


Environmental sciences



Simon Fraser University



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