Helicopter Wake Modeling and its Interaction with Pesticide Droplet Transport

Aerial spraying (from an aircraft or helicopter) is a crucial component in the management of forest and agricultural lands around the world. Regulatory agencies, government laboratories, and industry have a considerable interest in optimizing the effectiveness of aerial spraying. To deliver aerial spray products with accuracy to their intended target on the ground requires understanding numerous influences primary among them meteorological effects, complex air flows in the wake of the spray aircraft and gravitational effects. It is a challenging problem but being able to predict where released spray product will go is essential to minimizing waste and the hazards of off-target delivery. The proposed research represents an opportunity to continue the development of an enhanced modeling capability for aerial spraying. Envenio has been involved in the development of such advanced modeling capabilities, and with this project will be able to broaden its capability to include helicopter spraying.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tiger Jeans


Sydney Ryan


Envenio Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of New Brunswick



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