Hemodynamic Impacts of Combining Axial Pumps

Heart failure is a prevalent disease effecting 250,000 people in North America alone. This disease can be treated by the transplant of a donor organ, but insufficient donor organs have led to the development of mechanical circulatory supports which now provide a reliable alternate treatment option for patients. Unfortunately, many patients that could be helped by a mechanical circulatory support are deemed ineligible due to the invasive, open-heart surgery that is required to install such devices. Puzzle Medical Inc. and the McGill group are researching novel pump designs that can deployed non-invasively to increase the availability of mechanical circulatory supports to high risk patients. An important consideration for development of this device is how it interacts with blood and its cellular components. Computational fluid dynamics will be performed on the pump to determine if different design changes will impact its biocompatibility.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rosaire Mongrain;Renzo Cecere


Amy McKean


Puzzle Medical Devices


Engineering - mechanical


Life sciences




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