Hierarchical Heat Transfer Modelling in High-End Electronic Devices

One of the main challenges in the development of nano-scale devices is that the conventional physical relations and techniques, which have been used for modelling thermal problems at macro-scales, are no longer valid at these small scales.  In this project, we are developing a new hierarchial methodology to be applied to thermal management issues for nano-scale devices.  The impact of elecromigration in a joule heating form will also be explored.  Devices with nano-scale feature sizes are currently employed in high-end electronic systems.  In this method, we include the atomistic level effects; and in order to predict the heat transfer rate in nano-scale devices, the vibration of atoms is modelled.  We also modify the current  available methodologies (which are only valid at macro-scales), so that they become applicable to the nano-scale devices.  The platform engineering division of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc., based in Greater Toronto Area, is the receptor of the developed methodology.  This knowledge will be employed to advance the design of the next generations of Fusion products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cristina Amon


Aydin Nabovati


AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto



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