High-Energy-Density Solid-State Li Metal Battery enabled by High-Performance Composite Electrolyte and Protected Li Metal Anode

This project will aim to develop safe and high-energy-density solid-state Li metal batteries (SSLMBs) by constructing a stable Li/solid electrolyte (SE) interface and using high performance composite SEs based on sulfides and halides. The project includes three main directions: (1) design and synthesis of highly conductive and electrochemically stable composite electrolytes; (2) stabilizing the interface between the Li anode and halide or sulfide electrolytes; (3) design and assembly of high-performance solid-state Li metal batteries. The goal of this project is to address the challenges associated with the fundamental investigation and fabrication process of high-energy-density SSLMBs, from material design & synthesis to battery assembly and examinations. Prototype pouch cells will be developed to guide future commercialization of SSLMBs by the industrial partner. Successful completion of the proposed project will provide significant benefits to the industrial partner and to Canada’s expertise and high energy density SSLMB technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xueliang Andy Sun


Hui Duan



Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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