High Fidelity Modeling, Control and Coordination of Multi-Vehicle Systems for Traversing Cluttered Off-Road Terrains

This project is on system and algorithm design for motion control and coordination in a vehicle team composed of one ground vehicle (GV) and one or multiple cooperating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The GV here is either an advanced light armored vehicle (LAV) or an all-terrain unmanned GV (UGV) to traverse a cluttered off-road terrain for surveillance, terrain mapping, and other missions. The UAVs continuously surveil the current locality of the GV and update the mapping and navigation information. The main project objectives are provision of rapid advancement of the GV over complex off-road terrains and enhancing the performance of such vehicular surveillance and mission applications. The project will achieve these objectives via optimal adaptive deployment within the vehicular network and UAV trajectory generation and tracking to optimally accommodate continuous local surveillance . The developed systems and algorith

Faculty Supervisor:

Baris Fidan;William Melek;Stephen Smith


Olzhas Adiyatov


General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada






University of Waterloo



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