High-Resolution 3D Mapping and Modeling of Solar Neighbourhood Potential

This research project will be focused on the development of a new software technology in order to model and map maximum solar energy potential on the rooftops and facades of buildings with high spatiotemporal resolution, with particular emphasis on optimal community design for smart net-zero energy solar communities. The goal of this project is to increase our assessment ability of solar energy utilization and planning support for clusters of different types of buildings (such as mixed use communities in which different forms and functions of buildings will be considered). Appropriate parameters will be identified that are important for estimating community based solar energy availability and for the development of a comprehensive open source GIS software tool coupled with EnergyPlus in order to enhance, merge and utilize the strong capabilities of the two software tools for the performance of solar simulations in a 3D geospatial context. This project will contribute to the feasibility study to our partner organization S2E Technologies Inc., as it will create a new software tool in order to model and map the case study area to determine the best locations for solar PV installation as well as provide guidelines for the placement of buildings within the neighbourhood in order to minimize shading effects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Alan Fung & Songnian Li


Annie Chow


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Ryerson University



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