High Value Biologics From Eggshell Membranes

Canada produces about 9 billion eggs per year; of these, about 27% are processed at egg breaking plants that yield low value eggshell (ES) and eggshell membrane (ESM) waste as a byproduct. The objective of this project is to develop processes to isolate high value products from ESM waste including HA, collagens, other proteins and anti-oxidants, using green chemistry. Our starting point will be raw ESM provided by our industrial partner, Burnbrae Farms (BBF). After optimizing the extraction/purification steps at bench and pilot scales, we will work on-site with BBF to adapt this technology for industrial scale preparation of these high-value components from ESM. Burnbrae Farms Limited is a fifth generation Canadian family–owned and operated company that continues to be one of Canada’s leading egg farmers, with farms, grading stations and processing operations across the country. Their innovation and leadership in product development and animal welfare has led to Burnbrae Farms being recognized as a major player in this important Canadian industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maxwell Hincke


Garima Kulshreshtha


Burnbrae Farms Limited








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