Highly Sensitive Magnetometer

This internship with Photon Control, a Vancouver-based engineering design, development, and manufacturing company is the first phase of a project to design a highly sensitive magnetometer that will act as a non-invasive interface of a human brain to a machine or computer though many other commercial applications of this device are also anticipated. Electrochemical activity in the brain can be interpreted as a “signal” which in turn can be manipulated by a computer to derive information related to thoughts or intentions. These manipulated signals can be used to, for example, control a motorized wheelchair or a computer mouse effectively bypassing spinal chord injuries or severe disabilities. Recent innovations in optical magnetometry have enabled devices of greater sensitivity to these biomagnetic fields to be produced and have created new opportunities for biomedical applications such as the one mentioned. Further applications in geology and navigation are among a growing list of potential applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Rawicz


Stephen Guy Roy


Photon Control




Medical devices


Simon Fraser University



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