Housing Boom and Bust in Resource-based Economy-the Case of Ordos City, China

Ordos is a resource-based city located in Inner Mongolia, China, which currently undergoes a financial crisis caused by a collapsing housing market. During the past 15 years, the housing market in Ordos City has experienced a boom and bust cycle. This research aims to conduct a systematic and scientific research to thoroughly explore the reasons behind this unfortunate crisis. The significance and uniqueness of this research lie in the discussion of housing market in a resource-based economy, which is a missing part in the existing studies. By collecting and analyzing data, running mathematical models, conducting surveys and interviews, this research aims to identify the critical factors of a resource-based economy that may affect housing development, and then to explore to what extent these factors affect housing market in Ordos City. In addition, this research is targeted to inform policy-making and implementation on housing market management and natural resource development in Ordos City, as well as offer suggestions to prevent the similar crisis that may occur in other resource-based regions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zhu (Joe) Qian


Xing Su



Urban studies



University of Waterloo


Globalink Research Award

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