How Chinese IPO Affect Capital Flow in the Market and Its Historical Change over Changing IPO Regulations

Yirun Ryan Li will be closely working with Dr. Shen, on his project that aims to observe, through empirical data, how IPO affects the Chinese market and how this effect is changing as IPO regulations evolve over time. Under Dr. Shen’s guidance, Ryan will study literature in the history of Chinese IPO regulations and identify key dates that relates to major IPO issuances and regulation changes. Ryan will work with Dr. Shen to utilize databases (Bloomberg) and programing (python) to collect and analyze stock data, thus assisting to identify IPO’s effects on the market and how that evolves over time in policy changes. The intended result is to observe the market’s downward shock before a major IPO issuance (capital withdraws to buy the IPO), and upward shock as capital returns after an IPO lottery. The size of shocks over time will prevail the effectiveness of CSRC policy changes over time.

Faculty Supervisor:



Yirun Ryan LI






University of British Columbia



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