How Does Food Get to the Table? Sustainable Development Influencers’ Framing of Food Processing in British Columbia

The BC food processing industry needs to do a better job of communicating its value if it is to attract the investment it needs to remain competitive and feed British Columbians. Food processing plays an important role in sustainable food systems, which in turn are a recognized component of sustainable community development. Yet, despite the facts that people need food to live and processing is a necessary undertaking in order to get food on the table, food processing is notably missing from scholarly discussions. This study intends to determine why by gaining an understanding of how sustainable community development influencers frame food processing. Framing theory helps us understand what people believe and how their beliefs guide them to do what they do. By understanding how people frame a topic, like food processing, we can determine how to reframe it in a way that attracts more attention.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julia Jahansoozi


Debra Hellbach


Small Scale Food Processor Association


Cultural studies






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