HPGR Model Development for Different Ore Classes

The research program is aimed at developing novel test procedures and models for High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGRs) for comminution of metal ores classified by geology and physical properties. The HPGR is an energy efficient technology and there are presently no accepted small scale tests for sizing the technology for large scale operations. The study will improve the accuracy of test methods that were developed at UBC to replace conventional pilot scale tests that require large amount of sample that are expensive and often impractical to obtain. The models will be developed for processing a range of ores. The methods and models represents a new tool for the design, evaluation and optimization of HPGR based comminution circuits. The results of the study will also support the advancement of an energy efficient technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bern Klein


Tulio Marques


Goldcorp Inc.







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