Human Thermoregulation and Technical Apparel

Nature of the work: This project will assess a novel lululemon clothing ensembles during transitions between differing environments.
Anticipated Outcomes: An optimization of the design of clothing ensembles for transitions between different environments is the anticipated outcome.
Relevance: The project will provide garments for Canadians to improve their health, safety and comfort during outdoor activities. lululemon employs over 2700 people and the project will help start training new experts and to develop the best possible garments for active Canadians.
Benefits to Canada: Economic benefits to Canada include building of expertise in highly qualified personnel in the rapidly expanding technical apparel industry sector. Environmental benefits include that garments developed by lululemon are for human powered pursuits including bicycle commuting, walking, hiking etc that help reduce green-house gas emissions and global warming. Social benefits include providing improved garments to allow Canadians to stay active in aerobic activities in differing climates. Aerobic activities reduce risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes and stroke which are among the three leading causes of mortality in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew White


Lauren Penko


Lululemon Athletica




Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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