Hybrid journalism in the context of antipsychotic treatments for neurodevelopmental disabilities

Media reports on socially and biologically complex neurological conditions such as autism and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) often fail to engage audiences in meaningful discourse. Research is needed to identify new models of scientific reporting in journalism to counteract this gap. Our goal is to investigate and analyze a new model of science reporting that combines traditional and non-traditional approaches to effectively communicate complex scientific findings about treatments for autism and FAS. The intern will work with the partners, under academic supervision, to develop a new model of science reporting and get hands-on training at the Vancouver Sun to support the research. The industry partner will benefit from the development of a new model for science reporting as part of their ongoing work. As well as the partnership to advance research in science reporting, the Neuroethics Core Program will be able to build on to promote meaningful public discourse about neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Judy Illes


Joshua Robinson


Vancouver Sun




Digital media




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