Hybrid low-Inertia Turbine Storage System (HITSS)

Hybrid low-inertia Turbine Storage System (HITSS) is a samara-inspired wind turbine accompanied by any commercial battery storage system. Inspired by the autorotating maple seeds, the HITSS wind turbine is designed to track the sudden changes of the wind speed in a similar way to maple seeds (samara seeds). The main objective of the proposed project is to develop strategies for gathering market intelligence and learn to assess the market value of HITSS through workshops offered by Lab2Market. Furthermore, the design of HITSS will be tweaked based on the feedback of the potential customers and stakeholders, and a full-size prototype will be built and tested.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Rival


Adnan El Makdah


I-INC Foundation for Business Development


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Queen's University



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