Hybrid Microgrid System sizing and energy management based on data analysis and load profile

Research and development efforts in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies are required to continue for, improving their performance, establishing techniques for accurately predicting their output and reliably integrating them with other conventional generating sources. The objective of this project is to model a hybrid power system for buildings, which is technically feasible and economically optimal. The system will be modeled and the optimal system configuration would be estimated with the help of hybrid optimization model for electric renewables (HOMER); formation of various combinations of distributed resources to achieve a sustainable design for power system .The logic is illustrated with a case study based on the practical data and load profile analysis. Furthermore, it compares all the combinations in terms of cost and carbon emissions to select best sized microgrid for a specific case study. Finally, optimum energy usage is achieved by the design of energy management strategy.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Dunford


Siham Alkhashief


Schneider Electric of Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Alternative energy




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