Hybrid Small UAV Powerplant

An analysis is to be conducted to investigate the integration of a hybrid power system for a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A hybrid power system is proposed as a substitute to the existing batteries to enhance the endurance of UAV systems. A UAV with flexible PV‐panels and a proton exchange membrane fuel cell is to be modeled. UAV propulsion tests are to be conducted to determine the required electrical power. The required power is to be used to determine the endurance of the UAV with the hybrid power system. This endurance enhancement is a novel design that can result in reduced operating cost for the UAVs. The partner organisation can benefit from it as they intend to expand their business. This new development in the UAV can expand the partner organisation’s customers and the market potential.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer


Sayem Zafar


Mono Lights Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Ontario Tech University



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