Hybrid Solar Panel

The project’s main objective is a further reduction of dependence on fossil fuels in our everyday electric appliances. Fossil Fuels are used to generate electricity and they emit dangerous greenhouse gases to the environment which one of its consequences is the familiar global warming phenomena. By integrating a heat exchanger to the original solar PV system, the efficiency of the solar cells are maintained (17-19%), and with the additional usage of the waste energy to heat domestic water ( or HVAC), the total demand on fossil fueled electricity will decrease dramatically and thus, increasing the overall system’s efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions. Although the total product price will increase, but due to the extra savings through the usage of the waste energy, the payback will decrease from 7 years to 5-6 years.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. M. Lightstone


Khaled Mobayed


Direct Current Renewable Energy Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


McMaster University



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