Hydrogen-diesel dual fuel engines for heavy-duty commercial vehicles: modelling and analysis

Modern commercial trucks are crucial for economic activity. The diesel engines in these vehicles emit about 8% of all CO2 emissions in Canada. To reduce the environmental impact of current trucks, Hydra Energy Inc. is developing an approach to replace some of the diesel fuel with excess hydrogen generated in industrial processes. To maximize the benefits of this approach, Hydra and SFU are working together to develop a model of the vehicle system. Using the model, the team will study how the vehicle will behave under different uses and will find ways to increase the amount of hydrogen used. The model will be added to SFU’s FleetLCA life cycle tool to quantify the total environmental benefits of the Hydra system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon McTaggart-Cowan;Erik Kjeang


Reza Farzam


Hydra Energy Corporation





Simon Fraser University



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