Hydrogen Storage in Two-Dimensional Layered Nanomaterials: Characterization – Year Two

In this project, we will develop solid-state hydrogen storage materials for the potential applications of fuel cell electric vehicles. Based on the most cutting-edge achievements in related fields, two categories of two-dimensional layered nanomaterials are proposed. Their hydrogen storage capabilities will be elaborated by in-depth characterization of material structure and hydrogen storage properties. Moreover, we will employ various modification methods, such as defect engineering, catalytic element decoration and surface area expansion, to optimize storage properties in terms of capacity, storage temperature and pressure. The mechanism for the property improvement will also be interpreted fundamentally. Knowledge about the characteristics of 2-D layered hydrogen storage nanomaterials will be systematically established at our SFU based hydrogen technology laboratory. To the interest of our industry partner, several promising hydrogen storage materials with large capacity at ambient temperature and low pressure will be developed and verified for commercial applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erik Kjeang


Pei Pei


Hydrogen in Motion


Engineering - mechanical




Simon Fraser University



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