Identification and characterization of new antimicrobial chemical series

Antibiotic resistance represents a major health problem for society. With the expanded use of antibiotics, microorganisms have developed various mechanisms of resistance to overcome the effects of once highly effective agents. There is therefore an urgent need to identify new therapies to counteract resistant strains. The intern will design and identify new drugs that are capable of treating patients infected with bacterial strains showing resistance to current drugs used in the clinic. The new drugs’ activity will be tested using microbiology assays on bacterial strains that have shown resistance to current drugs. The project will allow the partner organization to better understand ways to overcome microbial resistance and to develop new antimicrobial drugs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pat Forgione


Ghazaleh Imani Shakibaei


Paraza Pharma Inc.


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Life sciences




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