Identification of a constitutive material model for an aircraft engine abradable rub strip material

This research project between the University of Windsor and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) is focused on a porous composite material used by aircraft engine manufacturers in the design of fancases of turbofan engines. The objective of the project is two-fold and includes 1) experimentally investigating the behavior of the composite material at different loading conditions; and 2) identifying a model that can be used to represent this material in fan blade-off simulations. A major benefit to P&WC from having this material model will be increased accuracy of their full-engine numerical models in predicting the outcomes of fan blade-off events. Potentially, this will enable minimizing the number of physical tests required for new engines certification, thus providing multimillion-dollar cost avoidance and decreasing engine development costs and lead-time, allowing P&WC to be more competitive in the global market and deploy new products much faster.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aleksandr Cherniaev


Thevika Balakumar


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


University of Windsor



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