Identification of medical marijuana cultivars with great potential for therapeutic application

The proposed project will use classical animal models to investigate the therapeutic effects and associated side effects of extracts from the whole plant of different strains of cannabis. The targeted medical conditions include pain and chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). Our data and results will play a key role in pre-screening of cultivars to obtain best candidates suited for particular medical conditions, or that have lower side-effect liability. Our partner, Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd, will use our data to get more resources to conduct related clinical trials, fund studies to research other potential medical indications, and develop cannabis based drugs. It’s hoped that this work will minimize the risk of failures and cost of clinical trials by our industry-standard preclinical models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alasdair Barr


Siyuan Xiong


Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd


Pharmacy / Pharmacology






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