Identification of Optimum Digestate Management Option for an Anaerobic Digester in the Fraser Valley

Anaerobic digestion is a process that converts the organic waste Into methane-enriched biogas and fertilizer by combined action of a mixed community of microorganisms In the absence of oxygen. Fraser Valley Biogas Ltd. operates the BC’s first anaerobic digester that utilizes on-farm and off-farm waste to generate biogas (methane) and digestate. Currently the digestate produced is field-applied locally without being dewatered. The volume of the digestate produced daily Is very large compared to the amount handled which constrains the volume of waste input that the anaerobic digester is able to process due to the fixed storage capacity. Therefore. Fraser Valley Biogas Ltd. would like to explore various alterative digestate treatment ideas for a better digestate management. In this project, the intern will carry out an extensive literature review which will cover various farm-based digester operations and digestate management practices described In the scientific literature, reports or online sources. Using the data collected, a cost/benefit analysis will be performed. The project deliverable, a final report, is expected to present a fairly clear idea about the direction that Fraser Valley Biogas Ltd. is recommended to take to improve Its digestate management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cigdem Eskicioglu


Muneer Ahmad


Fraser Valley Biogas Inc.




Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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