Identification of potential areas and associated benefits of MUT on the territory of the city of Montreal

The City of Montreal desires to evaluate the potential for the implementation of Multi-purpose Utility Tunnel (MUT) within its territory and to assess the overall benefits it could derive from it. This exercise would be initiated by a review of the state of the art to identify the criteria of choice and the associated benefits of developing MUT that have been used in the places around the world where MUT have been built. In a second step, we will work with the city to analyze the opportunity of building MUT by involving all the partners associated to the project. The result of this opportunity analysis will mainly be the creation of a multi-criteria grid that can be applied in future infrastructure projects to determine the locations where it would be appropriate to install MUT. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Amin Hammad


Yisha Luo


Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructure urbaine




Construction and infrastructure




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