Identifying and managing under-performing employees’ motivational barriers: Organizational factors, personality derailers, and mental health problems.

One of the most complained about behaviours of employees in organizations is the problem of their lack of motivation or demotivation. The current literature on work motivation is mainly focused on organizational factors that lead to motivation (e.g., job autonomy). Unfortunately, other important contributors such as negative personality traits and mental health issues have not gained enough attention as antecedents of demotivation. The purpose of this project is to identify all of the important factors that could potentially contribute to work demotivation, including organizational, personality, and mental health factors. Also, specialized templates will be created that let consultants identify the main sources of demotivation and make them able to better and more efficiently address them. This project is in line with the partner organization’s mission of translating knowledge to practical management guidelines for consultants and leaders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Kwantes


Amirreza Talaei


Expert Insights International Inc




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Windsor



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