Identifying Areas of Assessment for Strategic Asset Development Tool

Tulkita's clients are facing challenges related to improving the operational effectiveness of IT. The objective of this research is to identify the specific areas requiring assessment, which will eventually lead to the development of an assessment tool to be used by Tulkita consultants. My research will consist of establishing the needs of Tulkita's clients, identifying the frameworks currently being used by Tulkita consultants, and evaluating existing IT management frameworks in the industry. Based on my findings, a list of problem areas will be created, whereby Tulkita consultants will have a comprehensive document allowing them to undertake a high level assessment of the operational effectiveness of IT functions. The new framework will be customized to cater to Tulkita clients and designed to ensure ease of administration and cost effectiveness.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kenneth Grant


Preet Noor


Tulkita Technologies Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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