Identifying Vulnerabilities in Sexual Assault Policies among Marginal and Racialized Communities in Southern Alberta

Interning with a community based organization, the Chinook Sexual Assault Centre in Lethbridge, I will aim to research and explore the needs of marginalized and racialized communities as it pertains to sexual assault resources and policy creation/implementation. That is, I aim to research how university sexual assault policy may be successful and where it may need improvement based on the lived-experiences of marginalized and racialized communities. The goal is to foster inclusivity within sexual violence policies across university campuses and to ensure sexual violence experienced by those marginalized and racialized are appropriately considered in terms of intersecting oppressions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carol Williams


Aleah Bastien


Chinook Sexual Assault Centre


Gender and sexuality studies


Health care and social assistance


University of Lethbridge



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