Ignition control on DME/OME engines

Considering the soot-free burning characteristics of DME/OME fuel, highly diluted intake charge can be introduced in order to realize ultra-low nitrogen oxides emissions. However, the ignition process of the highly diluted fuel/air mixture is difficult, and an unstable ignition process is detrimental to fuel efficiency and engine performance. In this project, innovative ignition systems including a multi-site ignition system. and volumetric ignition system, together with novel ignition strategies will be developed. A high pressure optical combustion vessel will be used to investigate the ignition mechanism of DMEIOME fuel, while engine experiments will also be carried out to study the effect of ignition strategies on engine performance. The ignition control study is critical to improve engine efficiency and robustness while maintaining ultra-low nitrogen oxides and soot. The proposed outcome will have the potential to be used in or integrated into Ford vehicles to promote more efficient combustion.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ming Zheng


Xiao Yu


Ford Motor Company


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation




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