Image Rectification for 3D Stereoscopic Displays

3D, or Stereoscopic video technology has entered a new era. 3D stereoscopic effect has always relied on the viewers wearing special glasses to allow left and right image to be seen by each respective eye to create the stereoscopic effect of depth. Some industry players have started to investigate ways to create a 3D effect on the screen or display that does not the user to wear glasses. Spatial View Inc. is becoming a leader in researching, advancing, and developing stereoscopic displays that can be used in a variety of application areas from the computer desktop , to home theatre, to large screen advertisements to mobile phones and PDA’s. This internship will focus on one aspect of this research that deals with identifying points in left and right eye images to help automate the process of creating a perfect stereoscopic image.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Dimitrios Androutsos


Thomas El Maraghi


Spatial View Technologies




Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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