Imaging brain fuel metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a major challenge for the individual affected, society at large and there only modest effective drug treatment. We believe that a central problem in AD is the deteriorating fuel supply to the brain (mostly the sugar, glucose) and this impairment appears long before the onset of memory and cognitive problems emerge. We believe that attempting to correct this fuel problem will be part of any successful therapy for AD. We are developing an alternative fuel to glucose for the brain in the form of a ‘ketogenic supplement’ based on medium chain triglycerides such as those present in coconut oil. We will measure brain ketone metabolism in AD and how it responds to a ketogenic drink. Hight brain ketone uptake is expected to improve global brain energy metabolism, thereby helping memory and cognitive problems. We have cutting-edge brain imaging methods with which to better understand how the AD brain responds to an improved brain fuel supply provide by ketones.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Cunnane


Etienne Croteau


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