Imagining the Human Interior: Religious and Medical Perspectives on the Body in Present-Day China

My research project will focus around the following question: what relationships exist between religious models of the human body—primarily Buddhist and Daoist—and medical practices and beliefs? To explore this topic I will study primary and secondary materials, participate in meetings with my host university supervisor, Chen Ming with the assistance of Dr. Susan Andrews from my home institution, and conduct on-site research in a traditional Chinese medical clinic. I will also take part in UBC’s Buddhism Summer Studies program. This research project will result in the creation of an annotated bibliography, a research paper to be written in the fall of 2016, and a presentation at a student research symposium. These outcomes will aid in sharing my new knowledge with the larger Mount Allison and larger Sackville community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Andrews


Brynn Aucoin






Mount Allison University


Globalink Research Award

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