IMMERSe- To and From the whiteboard: Supporting whiteboard transitions in a design workflow.

Designers often turn to traditional or digital whiteboards (i.e., SMART Kapp) during meetings to discuss designs created in complex design software (i.e., AutoCAD). However, the transition of content from these advanced tools to and from the whiteboard can be highly disruptive to the overall sense of immersion in the design task. For instance, reproducing a design on the whiteboard for a meeting and afterwards documenting the discussed changes can be time consuming, annoying, and a potential source of inaccuracy. This project aims to improve the integration of the whiteboard with complex design tools through an observational study of designers transitioning content to and from whiteboards. Our industry partner (SMART Technologies) will benefit by understanding the potential for the next-generation of its SMART’s Kapp dry-erase system to be better integrated with existing advanced design tools, while maintaining the ease of use of a traditional dry-erase board.

Faculty Supervisor:

Neil Randall


Danniel Varona-Marin


SMART Technologies




Digital media


University of Waterloo



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