Immune cell tracking to tumor microenvironment and lymphoid

IMV has developed a novel depot-based vaccine platform that can be used with a variety of antigens and adjuvants, which can exhibit rapid and enhanced immune responses following a single dosage. This project will use cell tracking via molecular MRI to explore the immune cell migration in real time in an animal model of cancer, which in turn, will affect cancer growth. The novel application of molecular MRI to track regulatory T cells and effecter cells in a tumor challenge model will yield important information on such regulatory processes. This will help IMV further understand the effect their vaccine platform has on the specific regulatory responses and may be able to improve the therapeutic treatment window necessary for vaccine delivery.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Chris Bowen


Kimberly Brewer


Immunovaccine Inc.


Microbiology / Immunology


Life sciences


Dalhousie University



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