Impact and Vulnerability of Caribbean fisheries

Marine fisheries are complex, multifaceted endeavors that are deeply interconnected with both the ecological and social systems within which they operate. To manage a given fishery resource effectively, practitioners have account in the past years for ecological interactions with other marine species and socio-economic interactions with commercial and subsistence harvesters. However, even fisheries management systems designed for effective sustainable management of individual resources now lack guidance, tools, or strategies for Integrating the broader lnfuences of environmental change, Including climate change and variability.
This research project alms to assess the ecological Impact of the effect of climate change on the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean Sea has been designated as an area susceptible to be highly affected by change In the environment In the coming ned decades and Impact on fisheries Is still unkown. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

William Cheung


Ravi Maharaj


Essa Technologies Ltd




Environmental industry




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