Impact of Lystek Process Treatment on Co-digestion of Food Wastes and Municipal Wastewater Biosolids

The problem is that currently food waste and municipal wastewater biosolids are produced in abundance, which necessitates a proper treatment rather than disposal to landfills, and increasing CO2 emissions. In this research proposal, the main goal is to enhance both biomethane production and biodegradability of organic solids by applying subsequent Lystek thermo-alkaline hydrolysis technology followed by anaerobic digestion/co-digestion (mixing different organic wastes at different mass ratios) of organic solids such as food waste and municipal wastewater biosolids.
In these two subsequent processes, organic solids will be converted first thermochemically to soluble readily biodegradable organics followed by biological conversion to biogas. The target is to produce highly stable, nutrient-rich products that can be used in land application for beneficial use, hence averting landfilling.

Faculty Supervisor:

George Nakhla


Basem Haroun


Lystek International Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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