Impact of oil and gas activities on shallow aquifers in the Fox Creek area

In this project, in order to analyze aerial deposition of contaminants resulting from oil and gas activities in west-central Alberta, samples of snowpack will be collected from the Fox Creek area for chemical analysis. Using the chemical analyses results, a map of the contaminants deposition and their potential sources of release will be delineated. The success of this project will enable Recion Technologies’ client to integrate the experimental results into their numerical models and study the transport of contaminants, emitted from oil and gas activities, and their distribution in ecosystem. Moreover, identifying the sources of such contaminants will aid the oil and gas operators to lower their environmental footprint by adopting new practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Alessi;Stephen Johnston


Konstantin von Gunten


Recion Technologies Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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