Implementation and evaluation of a surface estimation algorithm to modify the control of ADAS features

Road departure is a critical factor in vehicle accidents, which could happen as a result of a driver’s impairment or lack of attention, or the road surface condition due to inclement weather. Therefore, it has been a high priority for the automotive industry to improve advanced systems for stability and path control. GM novel approach aims to use a control method to maintain a vehicle in the intended path during automated braking, while the deceleration and collision prevention is optimized. The proposed research will generate a simulation platform to verify the performance of such a control system for different road surface conditions and driving scenarios. The insight from this study helps to improve the safety of motor vehicles and all road users. The partnership of the academic researchers and GM engineers will facilitate knowledge transfer between academia and industry and assure smooth and rapid commercialization of the intellectual property.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Agelin-Chaab


Shabnam Pejhan


General Motors Canada Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical



Ontario Tech University



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