Implementation and Evaluation of an Integrated Chiropractic Service for Musculoskeletal Conditions into the Canadian Forces Health Service

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. The Canadian Armed Forces (CF) has a greater incidence of LBP than the general population. LBP is responsible for a large proportion of medical releases in the CF with many cases resulting in lifelong pain and disability. Improved early access to evidence-based care could help prevent chronicity and recurrences, and reduce health care costs. The purpose of this project is to implement and evaluate a new inter-disciplinary, patient-centred health care service that includes chiropractic services for the management of LBP in the CF. The main outcomes are clinical (e.g., level of pain and function), and return to duty of CF members who require care for LBP. If successful, the partner organizations would benefit in fulfilling their mission to serve their members and the public by advancing the understanding and use of chiropractic care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Cote


Carol Cancelliere


University of Ontario Institute of Technology




Medical devices


Ontario Tech University



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