Implementation and strengthening of the community enhancement program to assess theneeds of different residents living at Brightside

The purpose of the project is to assess the housing, community engagement, and social inclusion needs and challenges faced by different residents, many of whom are older adults and are residents in Brightside Community Housing Foundation. Also known as Brightside. A mixed method approach (dempgrahic questionnaire, survey and focus group) will be used in this study. The findings from this survey will guide Brightside’s action plan to improve housing security and offer community initiatives that are tailored to the needs of their residents. Findings from this research project will help to a) gain an understanding of the needs and challenges of people, especially older adults living in affordable not-for-profit independent housing, and b) provide an insight into challenges and potential solutions for non-for-profit housing agency dealing with similar issues with their residents.

Faculty Supervisor:

Atiya Mahmood


Muhammad Qureshi






Real estate and rental and leasing


Simon Fraser University



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