Implementation, Demonstration, and Evaluation of a Cloud-Based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) for the Hybrid Integrated HVAC System in a Net-Zero Energy House

Energy consumption of a net zero energy home (NZEH) equipped with high efficiency natural gas fired furnace and an electrical air source heat pump will be monitored for a period of 12 months. The mechanical system of the house is designed to switch between these two sources of energy based on outdoor temperature. Based on current settings, heat pump works during milder/warmer weather condition and when temperature reaches below a certain point, system switches to furnace which works more efficiently in cold weather. This control system does not consider other important factors to identify the optimal switching point while switching set point is better to be defined based on individual house and mechanical system characteristics. Ryerson has developed a smart dual fuel switching system (SDFSS) that takes all important decision making factors into consideration. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Fung


Nima Alibabaei


Union Gas Limited


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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