Implementation of a chip-based MDTMA platform for evaluating prostate cancer treatment response and mode of action. – Year two

Prostate cancer is the disease of the old, effecting 1 in 7 Canadians with a death burden of 1 in 28. The management of the disease becomes extremely difficult with the development of the nonresponsive and aggressive form of the cancer. Thus, the clinicians are rendered helpless and hence there is an urgent need for the development of new targeted therapies. Response to chemotherapy drugs varies for every individual, leading to adverse effects in many. Hence every individual responds to chemotherapy drugs differentially, matching the right dose for individual patient is a big challenge. We hypothesize that a microfluidic platform is well suited to directly assess chemotherapeutic indices from tissue samples, allowing for a more personalized approach to clinical decision-making. The economic, miniature and rapid output of such a platform would allow for a fast read-out of response in PCa. Our laboratory has already developed such a device. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Fred Saad


Muhammad Abdul Lateef


Institut du cancer de Montréal




Medical devices




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