Implementation of a non-linear block LU-SGS time stopping method

The objective of the project is the implementation of a fast solution algorithm for the simulation of complete aircraft configurations. In industry, these numerical simulations are used to compute detailed quantitative information about the flow patterns occurring during take-off, landing and cruise flight, and play an essential role in the optimization of aerodynamic surfaces. However, due to their computationally intensive nature, these analyses are very time consuming and usually require several hours to obtain. The goal of this project is to implement and validate a faster solution algorithm, shortening the time required to perform flow simulations. By employing more efficient mathematical tools, this solution methodology will reduce the computational cost of complete aircraft simulation, and will allow more cases to be treated in a given time frame.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Siva Nadarajah


Jean-Sebastian Cagnone


Bombardier Aerospace




Aerospace and defense


McGill University



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