Implementation of a validated home tele-rehabilitation intervention for geriatric patients: perspectives of stakeholders

Geriatric rehabilitation programs are effective for restoring and improving the functional independence and quality of life. Nevertheless, the aim of the therapy is to return home and once it is safe, based on the condition of the patient and social environment, patients are encouraged to be discharged home. Unfortunately, this does not mean that these patients are fully rehabilitated and have reached their rehabilitation potential. Besides, leaving the geriatric rehabilitation centre and not being equipped in order to continue with the rehabilitation plan influences the rehabilitation process negatively. In this context, tele-rehabilitation has been identified as a promising tool in the rehabilitation of older adults. A promising and effective tele-rehabilitation is the Hipper intervention (HIPPER), a program validated for older individuals after hip fracture and currently implemented in the Netherlands. The purpose of this proposal is to explore the implementation of HIPPER in the current practice in Manitoba. Focus groups will be conducted with patients, family members, clinicians and managers in order to map of the barriers and facilitators to the implementation of the Hipper Intervention in Manitoba.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed-Amine Choukou


Amarzich Qadeer


Deer Lodge Centre Foundation




Health care and social assistance


University of Manitoba



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