Implementation of collaborative regional sustainable development strategies: An international study on structure and outcomes

Global and local policy makers require realistic information about options to achieve sustainable development. To this end, this research project aims to improve understanding of the institutional dynamics related to implementing community sustainability strategies and the resulting plan outcomes. Plan outcomes are the concrete sustainability improvements, linked to the goals in the community sustainability strategies (e.g., reduction in  greenhouse gas emissions)(Clarke & Fuller, 2011; MacDonald, 2012). This research will inform future discussions around implementing community sustainability strategies globally (in developed countries, emerging economies, and developing countries), thus helping inform future international and local policymaking on the topic of sustainable communities and sustainable development. Through their involvement in this project, ICLEI will gain access to a large data set, which consolidates local knowledge from around the world about implementing sustainability strategies. Access to this knowledge will reinforce their position as a key informant to local and global policymaking in the realm of sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Amelia Clarke


Adriane MacDonald


ICLEI Canada


Environmental sciences


Finance, insurance and business


University of Waterloo



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