Implementation of New Constitutive Models in SoilVision’s Products

Application of numerical tools is an integral part of engineering design nowadays. Commercially available software provides engineers powerful tools to design new infrastructure and/or assess the performance of natural and built structures.
SoilVision Systems Ltd. (SVS) provides next-generation finite-element numerical modeling software technologies to geotechnical, geoenvironmental, and hydrogeological engineers worldwide.
The proposed research will focus on two SVS’s products: SVSOLID and SVSEISMIC. The constitutive models implemented in SVSOLID are limited to elastic (reversible) and elasto-plastic (non-reversible) models including von Mises, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker Prager, and Cam-Clay models.
This research aims to implement new constitutive models including elasto-visco-plasticity (creep) and strainhardening/softening in SVSOLID. This implementation will provide SVSOLID new features and capabilities to simulate the behavior of slopes under low-rate loadings, which can be an asset for engineers in landslide areas. Furthermore, three to five benchmarks will be carried out for SVSEISMICTM results verification to study the slope stability under dynamic loadings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pooneh Maghoul


Iman Jabalameli


SoilVision Systems Ltd.


Engineering - civil






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